A fantastic year!

July 24th, 2014

Dear Year 5,

Thank you for an amazing year! Here is our video. I wish you well.

Mrs Strangwood X

Top 100 educational blogs

April 5th, 2014

Class 4A’s blog been chosen as one of the UK’s 100 best education blogs. They are thrilled to be nominated, but now we want to go one better and claim the overall prize. To help them, please can you email voting@ukedchat.com stating 4a2013.lowerplace.net as your favourite blog.

You can see the full list and a link to the email address by clicking on the picture below.

100 best blogs

Well done Wajahat!

April 5th, 2014

Many, many congratulations to Wajahat. He entered the Radio 2 500 words writing competition and has now heard that he has progressed to the second stage. 118,000 people entered in total. This has now been narrowed down to 3,500. We will hear about the next stage in May, when it will be whittled down to the final 50.

Having been privileged enough to read his entry, I think that he certainly deserves to have made it through to this stage and have high hopes for him progressing further. So listen out as we may soon be hearing a famous author reading Wajahat’s words on the radio.

If you would like to read it yourselves, here it is…


Andrew stabbed his sword into its guts.

“Ugh!  Blood!” he said, as ketchup splattered onto the floor. He wiped his sword clean and set off to find more monsters. Soon he came across a cave, the entrance covered with green ivy. Andrew brushed away the vines and walked into the dark with his sword held high, ready for anything. Walking into the abyss with great courage, Andrew called into the darkness, “Face me demon!”

Suddenly, a fierce creature of boundless might and energy appeared, only to pass by Andrew and storm out of the cave.

“I must stop it!” cried Andrew, as he raced out of the shed in pursuit. Keeping his eyes on the target, Andrew thundered on, waving his sword high with pride, until the beast leapt over the kingdom wall. Yes! Thought Andrew, the village is in peace! For now… And with that, he turned away from the fence, and walked away, sheathing his sword. But his fight wasn’t over.

As protector of SaintThomasLaneton, Andrew was on constant alert for anything that might threaten the safety of his people. From breathtaking beasts to wicked witches, creepy creatures to terrible trolls, Andrew had fought them all, stopping them in their tracks with the awesome power of his might. See, Andrew wasn’t just a knight, he was THE knight, the bravest and strongest knight of all, but there was one foe even he had trouble defeating. Ecila.

Ecila was 100 feet tall with a nose like an elephant and golden snakes dangling from its head. The ugliest and worst fiend of all, Andrew spent all his time hunting to put a stop to its menace.

“Andreeeww!” The worst thing about Ecila , was its shrieking voice. Once it started talking there was no way of stopping it. Standing there, staring into Andrew’s soul with big blue eyes, stood Ecila. Andrew steeled himself, drawing his sword with one hand and pointing at his nemesis with the other.

“Come on!” He shouted “Let’s see your might!”

Ecila took a step forward, whistling a strange tune. Suddenly the beast that Andrew had chased away returned, brushing past the Witch’s leg. Ecila bent down, and managed to calm the beast by scratching behind its ears. Astonished at its power, Andrew charged.

Raising his sword, Andrew ran towards his foe, ready to send it back to the depths, but the witch had tricks of its own. Blowing through a shiny green hoop, Ecila managed to create an orb of mystery. Surprised by this sudden magic, Andrew rolled out of the way, brandishing the Sword of Honour through the air, scarcely missing Ecila. Another strike and it’ll be over he thought, aiming another strike.

“Andrew! Alice! Come inside your tea’s getting cold!” Andrew heard a voice from the castle and sighed.

“Come on then Alice, I’ll get you some day you know…”

“Yeah yeah Andrew, Whatever you say.”

Dropping his ruler, the defender of SaintThomasLaneton retired to build strength for tomorrow’s challenges.

By Wajahat Javid

Learning log

March 6th, 2014

This week’s learning log task is “Imagine you are a fashion designer. Your brief is to design an outfit, which you have up-cycled using pieces of rubbish from around the home. Is this something we should consider doing regularly?”

Perhaps you might want to think about an item of clothing you have which you would like to think about improving. How could you do this by using items around the home, which are no longer wanted and you are thinking about throwing away.

Click on these links for inspiration!



Have fun!!

Commando Joe

March 6th, 2014

Well done Shauna! Your behaviour this week has been an example to us all and you have earned your place at Commando Joe’s table this week. Well done!

Read for my school

February 7th, 2014

Hello all,

Your read for school IDs are all set up.

The website is http://www.readformyschool.co.uk/app/#/api/pupil/profile

Your user name is your first name and the first name of your initial e.g. imranb

It is all in lowercase. There are a few people whose names had duplicates on the system, so your usernames are







The password is class 5a.


Happy reading!!

Stars of the Week

January 12th, 2014

Many congratulations to our stars of the week, Korie Fleming for her fantastic attitude since returning to school. She has been positive and ready to learn. Well done!!

And Imran Bari, who is always ready with a smile on his face and is a role model to the rest of the class.

Well done, they were well deserved!

Learning Log help

January 12th, 2014

Your learning log task this week is to explain why you have chosen to be on either the side of the Lancasters or the Yorks, explaining who they are.  What was the war about? Explain the arguments that your side put forward for their claim to the throne.

To help you, you can watch the Horrible Histories War of the Roses video again. This fast-paced news reel gives a brief over view of the events, but you will need to investigate more closely.

You may find this website,  The War of the Roses helpful as well in identifying the characters from this time.

Woodlands have researched this area in great depth and you may find help here.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your hard work!

Welcome back!

January 12th, 2014

Happy New Year!

We have started our first week back with excitement and enthusiasm. Well done 5a. Our topics this half term will be “Gases around Us and Changing State” in science, so keep your eye out for anything you see about solids, liquids and gases, especially in this cold weather.

We will also be look at the War of the Roses in our topic. This very exciting period in our history should make for a fascinating learning journey. You have all been given a role in middle-age English society – perhaps start looking at what your character’s point of view might have been at the time?

Wishing you a happy Eid Mubarek

October 12th, 2013

We will now be away from school until Thursday 17th October for the Eid celebrations. Parents evening will now take place on Tuesday 22nd October.

Before we broke up we were lucky enough to have two more stars of the week in our class, being Al-Nisa Ahmed for the attention to detail and beautiful presentation of her learning log. Our second star of the week is Zain Mehmod for always putting his best effort in in all his work, which is a great quality and especially important in Year 5.

I am also pleased that last week’s star of the week, Raied Gul, has made such a continued impression with his exemplary behaviour was, this week, awarded the Headteacher’s award. Well done Raied. It is well deserved.

5A have been continuing with their exploration of space in their learning logs. They have decided upon their own questions to research and present and the quality of their work has been outstanding. Reading their learning logs is one of the highlights of my week!

Enjoy your Eid celebrations and I look forward to welcoming you back on Thursday, ready for our own Eid celebration on Friday!


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